The heartbreaking story behind Selena Gomez’s tiny new tattoo.

  In mid-January, Gomez visited New York City and made a stop at her favorite tattoo parlor, Bang Bang Tattoo. As she was leaving the city, eagle-eyed photographers noticed a brand-new tattoo adorning Gomez’s neck – the word “rare.”Rare is the name of Gomez’s latest album as properly as the title track from the album. Her famous album featured songs that were notoriously vulnerable.

Gomez lately spoke out about the song “Rare” and what it meant to her, announcing that “‘it’s a song that says,‘I know that I don’t have it all, but I do know that I deserve something special.’” 

It seems as though Gomez wanted a constant  reminder of the song that stands for so much to her. Getting a tattoo of that specific word is an ever-present way of letting Selena Gomez understand that she is “rare” and is genuinely a survivor.

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