[News] Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips on working with Miley

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, The Flaming Lips vocalist Wayne Coyne mentioned Miley. Check out what he said below: 

When you got in the studio with Miley, were you there working on other projects?It was mostly this other stuff. We had a couple of tracks that were Flaming Lips-designed tracks for her to sing on. We thought if we had time, we’d do “Lucy In The Sky.” Then it all just worked out. I think it’s only one or two takes that you hear on there. It’s almost like anything she sings is great. She had a great way of doing it and was very Miley. That wasn’t the agenda but it became that.Is the other stuff you recorded with Miley intended as a “Miley Cyrus release” or is that a collaboration project?She’s going to be done with her tour soon, and we just sort of set aside time. We’ll get together and make music and hopefully we’ll make a bunch and pick and choose what could be Miley Cyrus’ next record. I don’t know if she’ll just work with us, but we’ve been working like that. She’s musical and creative and has got a billion ideas. She’s open to everything. It’s not stressful and it’s not scary. There’s no ego. That makes it very easy to say, “Fuck yeah, let’s make some music!” I love her to death. I really do. I absolutely love her.


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