The Only Way Is Essex beauty blunders: ITVBe viewers spot awkward fail in the background

THE Only Way Is Essex probably aired its most intense episode of the series last night.

[undefined]The Only Way Is Essex: Amber Turner and Chloe Meadows fight as extras do their hair in the background [ITVBe]

CHLOE Meadows and Amber Turner came to blows over Jamie Reed and Dan Edgar.

But while ITVBe viewers were in meltdown over Amber telling Chloe to shh, others spotted something even more awkward in the background.

TOWIE viewers were quick to notice two extras fixing their hair in the toilets as the argument went on.

Commenting, one fan wrote: “Crying at them girls that have been fixing there hair in the background for about half an hour while Chloe an Amber argue #TOWIE.”

Another added: “How long are those two birds in the toilet gonna stand there and pretend to do their hair btw #TOWIE.”

While one commented: “Them girls in the toilets in the background of #TOWIE don’t look awkward, only been playing with her hair for half the show.”

But the big beauty blunder wasn’t the only one of the night…

[undefined]The Only Way Is Essex: Viewers couldn’t get over the extras in the background [ITVBe]

Fans of the show were convinced they could see Amber Turner ‘s hair extensions during her dramatic scene.

Commenting, one fan wrote: “How awful are Ambers hair extensions, you can see her tracks and the bad mix of her own hair and the extensions #TOWIE.”

Others loved Amber’s look though, with one viewer pointing out: “Girl crushing on @AmberTurner_x & @Megan_McKenna #TOWIE.”

[undefined]The Only Way Is Essex: Amber Turner’s hair extensions were al l anyone could talk about [ITVBe]

We’re not sure if this is true, because we couldn’t see it ourselves, but eagle-eyed viewers were convinced Gemma Collins was carrying empty designer shopping bags.

Commenting, one fan wrote: “How embarrassing first megan with these empty shopping bags now Gemma #TOWIE.”

“All of Gemma’s bags are empty #TOWIE,” added another

[undefined]The Only Way Is Essex: Gemma Collins was carrying a lot of designer bags [ITVBe]

[undefined]The Only Way Is Essex: Gemma Collins fans were convinced bags were empty [ITV]

While one commented: “Still laughing at Gemma with those shopping bags . I don’t know how she carried them all #TOWIE.”

Oh dear!

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