Zendaya Magazine Cover

Zendaya Coleman featured in FLAUNT Magazine.PHOTOS BY FREDERIC AUERBACH. Do you have a favorite trend this season? Honestly, I don’t. I don’t even think I believe in trends, to be honest! I like being a trendsetter and finding new trends. When it comes to, ‘What’s the best color this season?’ wear whatever color you want! Just because the leaves are changing doesn’t mean you have to!

On her Disney Channel ‘spy pilot’: ‘I definitely want to stay with the Disney Channel and continue my young fan base. [Disney] came with this idea of this pilot called Super Awesome Katie. We’re changing it. I don’t really look like a Katie!

It’s about a normal girl, socially a little awkward. Her parents turn out to be spies and they recruit her on a mission, but she feels like she’s not cut out to be anything special. It’s more mature than Shake it Up, or any other Disney show. It has a level of maturity but [it’s] also fun.’


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