Zac Efron Naked & Coked Up W/ Tisdale

Zac Efron showed up at Ashley Tisdale’s birthday party all coked up then he got naked and she cried. In July 2011, Zac showed up out of his mind on drugs at Ashley Tisdale’s birthday party in Malibu. Source told STAR:

‘When Zac arrived, he smelled awful and confessed that he was messed up on cocanie and Molly. His behavior was beyond erratic and he end up being locked in a room by security after he took off his clothes and refused to get dressed. Ashley was so distraught over Zac’s ocndition she eventually left her own party early with a group of friends, crying hysterically.

They finally called a car service and managed to get Zac into the limo, though it was a battle to get the driver to allow him inside. Zac was so messed up the driver, said, ‘I don’t want this guy to OD on my watch!’

Guests at a party Zac Efron’s home told Enquirer: ‘If he didn’t have such a need for the oxy, I don’t think he would have let us come into the room. He was like a junkie. He wanted the drugs so bad, and this was the only way he could get them. Most people crush it and snort one pill at a time, but Zac doubled that. He went through a lot of pills even though it was clear he was entering a danger zone.’


Miley & Bieber promote weed. Miley promotes Molly, it’s only matter of time..


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