Youtube Evolution: Tom Fletcher

Guitarist, Songwriter,Lead Singer Of Mcfly, Children’s Author, Youtuber.

 We have all heard of him one way or another but at the age of 28 Tom Fletcher has a few accomplishments under his belt.

But due to Youtube and social networking Tom Fletcher has become famous for completely different reasons. 

I decided to take it back a bit and celebrate the internet mastermind of Tom Fletcher. 

1. The First Video became a worldwide hit when he married his childhood sweet heart Giovanna Falcone in 2011. Terrified at writing speeches, Tom did the best thing a songwriter could think of. He rewrote Mcfly’s Famous hits and made the best possible wedding speech. 

Following The Worldwide Success of the Wedding Speech. Halloween 2013 Tom and Giovanna did the famous pumpkin carvings. They mixed the video with a personalised song and the hidden message at the end of the video brought tears to even the strongest of people.

 The 20th of March, Tom and Giovanna made a new video, A time lapse video of perfection. Which shows Tom singing and the pregnancy of Giovanna with their first baby with a huge surprise at the end. 

Buzznet will be very very pleased his name is Buzz Michaelangelo Fletcher. 

What Do You Think of the videos Buzznet?

Which one is your favourite? 

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