Welcome to AshleyTisdale.org!

Welcome to AshleyTisdale.org! Over these past 6 years, we grew up as fans, improved our website and became all we are today thanks to those people who constantly show us their love and support: Ashley and YOU, the fans! So we thought about revamping AT.org in a whole different way! Along with the brand new site’s look (and software too!), we have a new style in both out site’s Photogallery and Twitter page!

True story: the one who first knew we were about to make the big change was Ashley! Yes! When we met her in Amsterdam in July, in occasion of the Step Up Revolution premiere, we spilled the Tis we were going to revamp our website and she couldn’t wait to check it out! A big thanks surely has to go to her, as she is the reason why we’ve been doing all this for 6 long years and why we still are: to love, support and celebrate her along with her amazing fans.

Finally, we wanted to make a couple of thank you’s: here’s to Christy from daxstudios.net for helping us with the layout and fixing any kind of problem we had; Danyelle from TeamTisdaleBR for the lovely gallery’s and twitter layouts; and our old good friend Rosalyne who previously coded our past gallery and who coded the new one as well.

We hope you all (Ashley and the fans) like everything we’ve been working on for you and enjoy visiting the website as much as (or even more) you did for these past 6 years. We wouldn’t be who we are today without YOU! So thank you so much.

We love you!
~ Francis & Rachel ~

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