The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ravi’s Jumps Off Jabot Ship – Career and Love In Jeopardy [via celebdirtylaundry]

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ravi's Jumps Off Jabot Ship – Career and Love In Jeopardy

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Ravi (Abhi Sinha) will deeply regret his impulsive decision to accept Vickie’s (Amelia Heinle) job offer. Feeling used by Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and wowed by the lure of Newman money and power, Ravi agreed to jump from Jabot’s ship.

Amateurs make business missteps. Naive hearts overreact to the ebbs and flows of relationship issues. Ravi is a good soul, but he’s relatively inexperienced in the world of business and naive to the trappings of love in Genoa City.

Phyllis’ (Gina Tognoni) advice was not received as she intended it to be. A conversation Ravi had with his dating coach was interpreted far too literally. Instead of digesting what Phyllis had to say about rule-setting with Ashley, Sinha’s character used the next contact he had with the woman he loves as motivation to radically change his life.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ravi's Jumps Off Jabot Ship – Career and Love In Jeopardy

Now, this is soap. So all could be fixed within days, or weeks. Then again, it could be months before Ashley’s rage recedes because she’ll remain furious at her perceived special friend for awhile.

All who know Ashley’s past understand that she took a major leap of faith by opting to become involved with Ravi. First, he wasn’t her type. Second, he was an employee. Third, Mr. Shapur was a few decades her junior.

Ms. Abbott was right in believing that two consenting adults can pursue a relationship regardless of an age gap. Countless soap opera couples have done the same through the ages, as likely many have within the viewing audience.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ravi's Jumps Off Jabot Ship – Career and Love In Jeopardy

Ashley obviously overlooked the fact that Ravi’s age meant that he hadn’t achieved the relationship experience level she did and thus was prone to misinterpretation. In point of fact, Ravi interpreted his girlfriend’s calls for instant romance at the GC Athletic Club as being objectified.

Yes, it was true Davidson’s character wasn’t seeking deep thoughts during those meetings. However, the trust level she was offering was one that more developed minds would have appreciated.

Ashley Abbott is a highly accomplished business woman. She’s also a vulnerable lady who’s been burned by hard-hearted romantic partners many times in the past. She thought Ravi was different then those oafs and he is.

Basically, these characters are well-matched. They simply were suffering from a lack of direct communication and quality alone time. Hopefully all blows over and this pre-Christmas period becomes another step toward their engagement and marriage. Maybe they’ll be able to look back at this December situation and realize that the strife they created and endured was necessary in order for Rashley to permanently form.

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