Taylor Swift, ‘You Don’t Want To Know What Me & Selena Are Talking About..’

Selena Gomez will bee on New.Music.Live. on Thursday, May 30 @ 5PM ! She’ll be co-hosting the show for the entire hour! The pop star will be here to promote her forthcoming album, Stars Dance. She has also confirmed that it will be her LAST album EVER. Ms. Gomez has talked about wanting to put more focus on her acting career.

This means she’ll be leaving the music industry behind and not to mention, her beloved fans that are absolutely saddened by this news. But her fans will obviously be following Selena on her future adventures in acting!

The show will air at its usual time on MuchMusic at 6E/3P. Tickets are absolutely free, details on how to get them HERE. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, make sure to show up at the John St. entrance at 4 PM.

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