Saint West Turns 2, Remains Positively Adorable

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as celebrities.

But be careful what you say about them as parents.

The reality star and the rapper are mother and father to a pair of precious little people, daughter North West and son Saint West. 

(Go ahead and say what you want about those names as well.)

Below, we pay tribute to Saint via a collection of his most adorable photos. Check them out now!

1. Saint West Smiles!

Saint West Smiles!

How about is Saint West?!? Check out this photo of Kim’s daughter, smiling like the precious little creature she is.

2. Saint and Mom

Saint and Mom

How adorable is this?!? It’s a photo of little Saint West cupping his mother’s cheeks in his hands.

3. North and Saint West

North and Saint West

This is a photo of North West’s hand holding Saint West’s hand. Kim Kardashian shared it on Instagram.

4. The First Image

The First Image

This photo doesn’t give us a great look at Saint West, of course, but it was the first one of him to go viral.

5. The First Official Photo

The First Official Photo

Saint truly went viral, though, with this precious photo, courtesy of his mom.

6. And Also This One

And Also This One

Look at that little fella!

Wait! There’s more Saint West Photos: See Kimye’s Kute Son!! Just click “Next” below:



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