One Direction Glamour Photo Shoot

On fans: Liam: ‘I don’t think it’s ever something we’ll get fully used to. We kind of try to stay under the radar and not tweet where we are. Yesterday me and Niall went out shopping in Amsterdam. And literally every single shop we went into, they had to close the shop because there were so many people outside. Some girl tried to pull my hair out. It’s quite mad.’

Zayn: ‘I don’t make CIA plans to organize myself. I just go out.’ On dating: Harry: ‘People who know me know what’s true and what’s not.’ Niall: ‘For me, it’s not a massive trade-off. We’ve always wanted to do this, so we’re not complaining.’

Louis: ‘I think you have to keep your feet on the ground. I’m in a relationship [with college student Eleanor Calder], and it’s completely fine.’ Liam: ‘Yeah, it’s something that is quite hard, people being a bit rude to [ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer] on the Internet. And it’s a challenge having a relationship on the road. Credit to anybody that does it, really.’ VIDEO under!

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