Nick Jonas Isabel Lucas SEX SCENE

In Lake Norman, California Cast and crew have been shooting the sexy thriller starring Nick Jonas, for the last month in and around the Charlotte area. NBC Charlotte got exclusive access on set during the last day of shooting the independent picture. We spent the day there last Thursday as cameras rolled at Jetton Park on Lake Norman.

Nick: ‘It’s definitely a different role than anything I’ve ever done before, one of those things I really wanted to challenge myself.’ The movie is actually set on Lake Lure near Asheville. Jonas plays a young man who has an affair with his married next-door neighbor. Producer: ‘Everything spirals out of control when her husband ends up dead on the floor.’

Australian actress Isabel Lucas plays the married woman. She and Jonas had just shot a very intimate scene when we arrived on the closed set. Jonas admits his fans will be surprised by this role and that is a big departure from the squeaky clean Disney movies we’re used to seeing him in, but he’s excited by the challenge.

‘It doesn’t make me nervous, I think it’s important for me to take steps and continue to grow as an actor and push myself in this way. I think, for the audience, they have to be prepared to come see a movie that’s pretty intense.’ And one that’s a little steamier than most are used to. Helfant said, ‘He’s a young man in this movie. He’s no longer that young kid from the Disney shows, and he’s every bit a man in this movie.’

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