[NEWS] We Created The Photobomb Of Our Fantasies

Hey, Miley Cyrus, we know you’re having an awesome week, what with your new “We Can’t Stop” countdown clock and presenting/eye-rolling Justin Bieber’s win at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, but we just need to hold everything a moment and CELEBRATE a) your Twitter account and b) your posting our favorite JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND BRITNEY SPEARS IN DENIM 4-EVER PHOTO. Except we couldn’t just leave it the way it was; we love what we wish was Britney and Justin’s double denim wedding pic so much, that we took things one step further and made it the photobomb of our fantasies!

Posting the now-famous pic of Britney and Justin attending the 2001 American Music Awards in matchy-matchy denim to Twitter, Miley memed “NEVER FORGET” with the caption “This happened.” Oh, we we’ll never forget this pop cultural nugget, Milers. And just to sweeten the deal, we know how much you like to pop up in people’s photos, AND how badly you probably wish you’d been around to photobomb the Canadian tuxedo’d couple (both parties have certainly improved their fashion sense over the years, especially Mr. “Suit & Tie” over here), so we added/photobombed you in! See? It’s like you were always there! (“The Internet” = Time Machine)

Source: MTV.com

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