[NEWS] Miley Cyrus hits Twitter milestone; 12 million fans follow star online

Miley Cyrus has new music coming out soon and the fans are getting ready. While some devotees are already connected with the star online, it appears that more individuals are looking to make sure they hear about the star’s new music first on Twitter. On Sunday Miley Cyrus announced that she hit another milestone on social media..

“Just hit 12 million,” tweeted Miley Cyrus from her official Twitter account on Sunday. The star has been hanging close to her social media for the past few days. While the milestone is big, it’s still a long way from Justin Bieber or Rihanna, both of which have past 20 million followers. However it is close in comparison to Niall Horan of One Direction and Demi Lovato’s Twitter account.

The thought of having 12 million followers is quite impressive. Willing to vote, react, chat and even listen, these fans are available for Miley Cyrus when she needs them. Plus, it’s safe to say many will be buying her new music too.

Fans are really hoping the star will be dropping just a snippet of her single before it is released. Looking at every word the star posts closely, there is no telling when it might happen. Of course being a follower makes it so much easier to get the possible first listen delivered directly to the fans.

Source: AllVoices.com

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