Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Super Excited For Halloween with Baby Wyatt

Aww, i hope they post pictures.

E! News has exclusively revealed that the new parents have heaps of costumes for their baby girl:

“Mila and Ashton are super-excited it’s Halloween and they get to dress up baby Wyatt.

“They think it’s hilarious and are putting her in all kinds of baby costumes and outfits. It’s their first holiday as a family and even thought Wyatt is barely a month old, they are stoked!”

Mila is also not focused on losing her baby weight:

“Mila has been spending a lot of time trying to lose the baby weight, which is slowly coming off. She’s not too stressed about it but does want to get back into her skinny jeans. She says she has so many sizes of clothes in her closet. She has post-baby sizes, maternity clothes, pre-baby sizes and then her Black Swan clothes, which are the smallest sizes she owns.

“She has been doing yoga and cardio but still isn’t going crazy. They enjoy bad food as well, and she indulges when she wants.”

Awww they are the cutest little family

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