Mackenzie McKee Talks Marriage Troubles, Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis

Mackenzie McKee is sharing her thoughts about the mixed blessing of reality TV fame with someone who definitely understands her plight.

McKee sat down with Kailyn Lowry for the latest episode of Kail’s Coffee Convos podcast, and fans were stunned by some of what she had to say.

For starters, it seems the reports of Mackenzie joining the cast of Teen Mom OG were a bit premature.

McKee is reportedly still in the running to replace Farrah Abraham on the wildly popular series, but the casting is far from a done deal.

And that’s not the only bombshell from McKee and Lowry’s in-depth interview.

Just wait until you hear what Mackenzie has to say about her life in the months after Teen Mom 3 got canceled…

1. Return of the Mack?

Return of the Mack?

After Farrah Abraham was fired by MTV and Viacom, it was widely rumored that Mackenzie had been chosen as her replacement. We now know that the deal hasn’t yet been sealed – but that doesn’t mean McKee won’t be returning to TV very soon.

2. Mackenzie in the Spotlight

Mackenzie in the Spotlight

Mackenzie is set to star in a one-off special that will focus entirely on her life and family. She opened up about her mixed feelings toward fame in a new interview with Kailyn Lowry.

3. A Sad Insight

A Sad Insight

“Right when we finished, my life went into a very dark place,” Mackenzie said of the period after Teen Mom 3 was canceled. “It was like the worst it had ever been. I got married, and that was beautiful, but then it went back to being bad.”

4. A Blessing In Disguise

A Blessing In Disguise

“My relationship with [my husband] Josh got worse, and I just kept thinking to myself, ‘I’m so glad this isn’t on TV right now because this is the hardest time in my life,'” McKee added.

5. Credit to Kail

Credit to Kail

Mackenzie went on to say that she has the utmost respect for Kailyn and the other ladies of the Teen Mom franchise. “It makes me respect [the ‘Teen Mom’ casts] so much more,” she told Kail. “You guys went through the hardest times of your life being on TV for years with no break.”

6. Hard Times

Hard Times

So what was so difficult about life after Teen Mom 3? Well, it seems that in addition to being forced out of the spotlight, Mackenzie was faced with tremendous difficulties in her family life.

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