LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS Thirty Seconds To Mars Album Review

“I think that LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS are four of the most essential ingredients for life itself. They are some of the most common, mundane words in existence, but also the most powerful.” – Jared Leto

OH my God. Let me start with that.

Let’s also start with saying this is my favorite album of 2013. With each and every song telling a beautiful story laced with extremely powerful orchestrated symphonies and epic chorus’s, Thirty Seconds To Mars have more than out done themselves with LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. I haven’t heard an album in a long time that I have just sat and listened to over and over and over again without skipping one song, but this one does it for me.

Let’s start track by track. “Birth” starts of course with the voice that says “LOVE” and builds up with horns,  into a slow and overtaking chorus that consumes you whole right into the album in just a short two minutes. And if you caught it, “Birth” is the ending track of the new “Up In The Air” short film.

Making an epic introduction to the track “Conquistador” that is easily one of the next tracks on a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game. This track reminds me of Thirty Seconds To Mars circa 2005, A Beautiful Lie, and it rocks even harder than everything combined on that album. 

Moving on to the radio hit single “Up In The Air” that took everyone by suprise with its extremely electronic and daring sound that a band like Thirty Seconds To Mars pulls off effortlessly and flawless. With a masterpiece of a video by none other than Bartholomew Cubbins (Jared’s anonymous alter ego) to back this incredible track, starring everyone from US Gymnasts McKayla Maroney to Dita Von Teese it puts a visual imagine that will never be erased anytime you hear this song.

“City Of Angels” is the next beautifully haunting track on the album to be the perfect Los Angeles soundtrack. With each and every lyrically skillfully crafted to tell the story of this crazy city, of love, of lust, of faith, and dreams, it perfectly wraps the album title into what I feel to be a perfect song about my, and a million others home of the angelically sinful city of Los Angeles.

With extremely quick strings and a solid beat to match “The Race” already makes you feel on edge in the first thirty seconds of listening. It keeps you up and awake until the next track “End Of All Days” to relax you with its incredible piano intro and plays into the “FAITH” part of the album title. 

“Pyres Of Varanasi” will make you feel like you’re walking in a horror movie the first time you hear it will it’s eerily haunting introduction, making a perfect mid album track to take you into my favorite song on the album “Bright Lights” dealing with the “LUST” and “DREAMS” factor of the equation. The lyrics are all too relateable for any young person growing up.  When I hear “Bright Lights”, I want to drive on the top of the mountain and blast it with my friends sitting and talking about life, watching the city, and remember just how beautiful life is. 

Following my favorite track is a short and sweet Kalimba based song that starts off “Northern Lights” and the “DREAMS” part of the album. With lyrics that seem to be the base of some crazy dream, it really all  makes sense.

Ending the album with another one of my absolute “have to listen to” tracks is “Depuis Le Debut” that starts with a really gritty Jared Leto voice and follows with a monsterous build, into a music box sound that makes you really wonder, “what the hell is going through their head when recording this?” Quite frankly, I don’t even want to know, and I think it’s all too perfect to even care. 

Thank you Thirty Seconds To Mars for making a record that I will be rocking for the next year. 

What is your favorite track off LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS?! Let me know below!

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