Lindsay Lohan: Model Rehab Patient?!?

From a bitch on wheels to the model rehab patient?

We really have now seen it all from Lindsay Lohan.

Following reports that the fiery crotched one was flipping out at the Betty Ford Clinic because she craved some Adderall, sources now tell TMZ that Lohan has been on her best behavior.

Lindsay Lohan  at the Airport

She’s attending group therapy. She’s showing up (on time!) for her personal counseling sessions. She’s opening about about issues of self-control.

She’s – gulp! – on the path to recovery?!?

Lohan is reportedly telling those close to her that the program is challenging, but she has no intention of backing down.

And visitors to Betty Ford have been shocked over how good Lindsay actually looks, which is amazing on numerous levels, not the least of which being how strongly Lohan believed she did not need treatment just a couple weeks ago.

See Amanda Bynes? There’s hope for you yet.

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