Liam Hemsworth Assaulted By Ice Cubes

Liam Hemsworth is still not married to Miley Cyrus and still desired by many women. At a Cannes party some women to throw ‘ice cubes’ at him to try and get his attention, reports NY Post. He was spotted at an exclusive party this weekend hosted at the JW Marriott at the popular film festival, and he quickly caught the ladies’ eye.

[Women were] tossing ice cubes and other little items, including red lipstick, at him and his table to get his attention. Liam spent the night with his agent and manager as Rev. Run and DJ Ruckus hit the decks for the party. [He] caused a riot upon entering the Belvedere party swarmed by eager girls.. [But] it was definitely a guys’ night out as Liam held court with his agent and manager.’

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