Kim Kardashian Introduces Daughter to Santa Claus, Tears Ensue

Considering who her mother is, you’d think North West would be used to people that pretend to be something they’re not.

Still, the adorable little girl fell apart when meeting Santa Claus late last week.

“North is still warming up to Santa,” Kim Kardashian wrote as a caption yesterday to the following photo, adding:

“The same Santa has come to my moms Christmas Eve party since I was a kid. I love sharing the tradition with my baby girl! Hope everyone had the best Christmas.”

Meeting Santa

Kanye West is also featured in the family image, looking sweetly at his daughter while she’s being comforted by Kim in the presence of Saint Nick.

It doesn’t exactly look like the rapper ditched his wife on Christmas, does it?

According to a new report, Kardashian has been trying to get pregnant with her second child for about nine months now.

But she’s having trouble conceiving, a revelation that comes out not long after Kim admitted she saw multiple fertility specialists prior to North West incredibly appearing in her womb as well.

Will she and Kanye defy the odds and get pregnant again despite these difficulties? Will they adopt? Will North end up as an only child?

We don’t say this often, but due to the sensitive nature of this subject, we wish Kim all the best in whatever happens next with her family.

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