Kenya Moore: Did She Fake Dog’s Death on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

First she gets assaulted by Porsha Williams, and now this!

Yes, Kenya Moore has been embroiled in all kinds of strange drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but her latest episode may be her weirdest yet.

Kenya Moore With Dog

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 21, Kenya revealed that her beloved dog – a seven-year-old yorkie named Velvet – had died.

Tragically, it was viciously attacked by a neighbor’s dog. It was heartbreaking stuff, and the ladies even had a full-blown dog funeral for Kenya’s departed pooch.

As if somber piano music and a giant flower wreath for a dog funeral weren’t strange enough, this story has taken a bizarre twist as Kenya has been accused of faking Velvet’s death!

That’s right – a popular Internet rumor states that Kenya’s dog is alive and living with her friend, Brandon DeShazer.

DeShazer tweeted several photos of the dog in what appeared to be his home shortly after the episode, leading to speculation that Kenya enrolled Velvet in the Puppy Protection Program so that she could soak up some sympathy!

DeShazer denied the allegation and issued a statement saying, “Anybody who has pets knows the kind of love you develop for them. To report that something like that would be staged … it’s disgusting.”

Kenya has yet to respond to the rumor, but said through a friend that she considers the accusations “evil.”

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