Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 12 & 13 Recap: Eff You Hank, You Son of a Beach

Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 12 & Episode 13, airing back to back on WE TV last night, continued to peel back the layers of Hank Baskett’s alleged cheating.

He had to answer to someone new and unexpected this week, it turned out.

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Picking up where things left off last week, Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 12 saw Hank and little Hank join Kendra in Costa Rica to meet her estranged dad.

Eric Wilkinson and Kendra just reunited after two decades (!) apart.

One might find it a bit surprising, given that length of time and the fact that Eric left his own family, to see Hank confronted by his father-in-law about his actions.

But, here we are. When they arrived, Kendra escorted Hank to his own bedroom, far away hers. He thanked her for the invite. She rolled her eyes.

Such was life in the Wilkinson-Baskett household this summer.

Kendra, Hank, Little Hank, and Eric spent the day surfing. After a shirtless shot of Hank, which Ava London most likely enjoyed, Eric got down to brass tacks.

While he couldn’t really berate Hank with any real conviction, given his own history with Kendra, he didn’t dodge the subject of what Hank did either.

Any decision he makes will affect all of them for life, he says.

Eric knows this from experience, and not in a good way. Hank then went to enjoy the sunset with his wife, who told him, “there’s no room for romance.”

Burn. The next day, she continued to get in more digs.

That’s just to his face. When he was out of the room at one point, we saw Kendra hoist both middle fingers in the air and mouth “f–k you” to Baskett.

“I used to think our wedding day was the best day of my life,” she said aloud, noting that the day at the beach with her dad had now taken its place.

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She’s almost enjoying making him suffer a little, and if he did what he’s accused of, then couldn’t even come clean about it, honestly who can blame her.

This was an interesting window into the life of the scorned wife. Even if she believes she will never divorce Hank, that doesn’t mean she’s okay with him.

Besides leaving him, how does one react to such a situation? We imagine there are plenty more f-bombs we don’t see, to his face and behind the door.

Thankfully, Kendra and Hank end the Costa Rica trip on a civil note.

Of course, Kendra’s mom, from whom she’s also estranged frequently, has her own beef with Eric, as she expressed on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 13.

Following her successful trip to Costa Rica, K-Dubs was confronted by Patti Wilkinson about the decision to reunite with her father, and it was uncomfortable.

Patti even badmouthed her to the media for it. Pretty uncool.

Having seen that K-Dubs was taking pictures with fans in Costa Rica, her mom found out about her little trip and was very far from pleased about it.

On Facebook, Patti says that Kendra “disrespected her” and will no longer discuss her. Kendra claims she is “breaking the chain” and cutting Patti out of her life.

We don’t believe either one of them for a second. You?

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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: In Happier Times
Kendra and 2 Hanks

1. Kendra and 2 Hanks
There was a time when Kendra and Hank looked to be a very happy couple. This photo was snapped in 2012.

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