Kelly Rowland Breaks Down Singing About Beyonce

Kelly Rowland grew emotional last night while airing her “Dirty Laundry” on stage in Washington D.C.

The singer and new X Factor judge was about four minutes into her new track when she came upon the verse that references Beyonce, who she dubs a “sister.”

Just as Rowland started to sing about the jealous rage she felt at one point after Beyonce hit it big, she broke down and put her head in her hands.

Watch the crowd encourage her to continue in this video:

Kelly Rowland - "Dirty Laundry" (Live)

Kelly Rowland – “Dirty Laundry” (Live)

Just prior to belting out the single, Rowland told attendees that the single is “therapeutic,” dealing with many important topics from her past.

Reads one verse, clearly referring to Beyonce:

“When my sister was on stage/ Killing it like a motherf–ker/ I was in rage/ Feeling it like a motherf–ker. Bird in a cafe/ You’d never know what I was dealing with/ Went our separate ways but I was happy she was killin’ it/ Bittersweet, she was up, I was down/ No lie, I feel good for her but what do I do now?”

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