Justin Bieber’s “Confident” Music Video

Justin Bieber may be preoccupied with a lot of heavy stuff lately, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to leave his music fans hanging!

The Biebs released his latest music video for the single “Confident” featuring Chance the Rapper, and it’s everything you’d expect—hot girl, dancing, Bieber looking cool. However, despite the lack of surprise, it’s still going to be a clip you’ll watch over and over and over again.

Mainly to learn the choreography, so you can show it off in the club (duh!)

The music video opens with a pretty young thang werkin’ it while walking passed Bieber (she knows what she’s doing) and ultimately grabbing his attention. This causes the 19-year-old to take off his backpack—which makes us worry about his stuff getting stolen, but we guess those are the risks you take with love—and follow her into a building.

OMG, what happens inside, you ask?

Well, aside from the dance breaks, Bieber continues to follow the mystery girl through a convenience store until they come face to face at the cash register. That’s when fans witness Biebs’ game with the ladies. He makes his first move by sparking conversation and introducing himself, and then delivers a pickup line inspired by her Takis purchase. It’s actually kind of adorable.

However his cuteness doesn’t work. She seemes amused but just turns away, hops on her motorcycle and drives off. Poor Biebs. But wait! It just so happens that they end up at the same dance club—gasp! This time, Bieber goes for a different approach. Instead of talking, he just goes in for the kill (they makeout).

Did that help him get her number?! Watch the video and find out!


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