Justin Bieber ‘Temper Tantrum’ At Shoot

Pop scrotum Justin Bieber threw a temper tantrum when taking part in a paid Elizabeth Arden photo shoot in Copenhagen, Denmark over the weekend. He allegedly showed up six hours late for the shoot. When he eventually did rock up he is said to have refused to wear the costume that had been planned and styled in advance.

Source told RDAR: ‘After showing up six hours late, Justin threw a temper tantrum because they wanted him to wear a bell boy hat, but he refused. This kid is quickly getting a reputation as someone that no one wants to work with. It was disgraceful.’ Keeping his head down: Justin threw a temper tantrum because the stylist at the shoot asked him to wear a bell boy hat.

Justin has an estimated personal wealth of around £70million, but he was also accused of refusing to leave a tip after dining at a high end restaurant. He was joined by his beautiful girlfriend Selena Gomez at the classy restaurant where they were said to be treated to a free meal. Justin couldn’t be bothered to tip the hard working waiter: ‘It was very low class and just disrespectful. Selena acted like a true lady, but Justin acted like an entitled punk.’

After buying some onesies from the OnePiece store, Justin put on a show for his fans that had gathered outside the shop. He kept it on and went out to the Rose Club in Stockholm, Sweden, following his concert in the capital. Can’t imagine Selena is getting any positive out of being connected to him..

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