Justin Bieber Sends Ariana Grande Flirty Texts; Selena Gomez Not Happy

Justin Bieber has been sending Ariana Grande flirty texts, and that behavior dates back to when he was dating Selena Gomez, a new report indicates.

Justin Bieber Sends Ariana Grande Flirty Texts

Justin Bieber Sends Ariana Grande Flirty Texts

Ariana revealed in an interview that Justin has her number, has had it for some time, and that his messages to her are more than just a little friendly.

The singer, who just released her “Baby I” music video, is quickly rising to fame, and not just because her vocal talents have earned Mariah Carey comparisons.

Ariana also gets the privilege of texting with Justin Bieber, who she’s toured with. Grande recently revealed the moment they first exchanged texts:

“Justin’s the most famous contact I have in my phone,” the 20-year-old recalled to M Magazine. “I felt so cool when he started texting me.”

“I didn’t believe it was him at first. He wrote, ‘What’s up cutie?’”

“I dropped my phone and thought, ‘That did not just happen.’”

Among other flirty comments, she added that “I did a cover of ‘Die In Your Arms’ and Justin tweeted it and said he liked it and that meant the world to me.”

“The fact that he did that means that he thinks I have some credibility as an artist. I’d love to work with him one day, I think he’s adorable and amazing.”

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All of this is reportedly upsetting for Selena Gomez to hear.

Even though she’s busy on tour right now, and that picture of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande kissing was innocent and old news, it’s getting to Selena.

Says a source close to Gomez: ”Selena is still not over Justin, not even close. From what all her friends are saying, she’s still majorly hung up on Justin.”

What do you think, THGers? Is Selena Gomez over Justin? And are Bieber and Grande – who’s supposedly dating Nathan Skyes – more than friends?

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