Justin Bieber Pursues ‘Confident’ Girl in New Video

Despite his recent run-in with the law, Justin Bieber is first and foremost a singer — and he’s here to remind you of that fact in a new music video for “Confident.”

Bieber released the clip for the song, originally dropped last month as the 10th and final single in his Music Mondays series. Awash in moody blue light and  using hip-swaying dance moves, the video finds Bieber pursuing the newest object of his affection — outside a gas station, no less.

Bieber follows the lady into the station, uncovering a dimly-lit catacomb of a convenience store. He tails her to the checkout counter, where she’s making a purchase of Takis. That groan you here? It’s from where Bieber tries to pick her up by making a really awful pun. “Well, I’d like to Taki to you on the phone,” Bieber tells her. She laughs, but he’s rejected.

Chance the Rapper appears on the song as a featured artist, leading to a cameo within the video as well. The rapper spits his rhymes in front of flashy neon lights while the singer continues his pursuit of the confident lady.

All in all, the video, directed by Colin Tilley (Zendaya’s “Replay,” Bieber’s “All That Matters”) features smooth choreography from the singer and his dance crew, ranging from a spot inside a vast warehouse to a simple jaunt down a seedy street.

“Confident” debuted at No. 41 on the Hot 100 upon its release last month, though the video’s release could help it jump back onto the chart, as with the singer’s last single, “All That Matters.”

Source: Billboard

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