Jenelle Evans: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

If you’re a fan of the popular reality franchise, then you’re likely aware that Teen Mom pregnancy rumors seem to surface at the rate of about one per week.

Of course, they turn out to be true just often enough to continue capturing the attention of fans.

The latest reports have to do with Jenelle Evans and what fans believe is her burgeoning baby bump.

Jenelle is married to David Eason these days, but that doesn’t mean she’d be bringing the kid into a stable situation.

Far from it, in fact …

1. The Bump’s First Appearance

The Bump's First Appearance

The first sighting of Jenelle’s supposed baby bump came during her wedding to David Eason back in September.

2. A Second Sighting?

A Second Sighting?

Many swore they saw the bump again when Jenelle and David flew to LA for the Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

3. Done With Kids!

Done With Kids!

At the time, Jenelle staunchly denied being knocked up. “I’m not pregnant, I’m done with kids,” she told Radar Online.

4. A History of Lying

A History of Lying

Of course, Jenelle has a history of being less than honest with this sort of thing. She denied being pregnant with her third child, Ensley Jolie, for most of her first trimester.

5. Busted…In More Ways Than One

Busted...In More Ways Than One

Jenelle came clean only after a police report from a car accident described her as being pregnant.

6. The Latest

The Latest

Now, fans believe a recent photo of Jenelle is the most compelling visual evidence yet that she’s expecting…

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