Interview with People

Interview with People

While promoting Frito-Lay North America‘s new product line Cracker Jack’D in NYC, Ashley got to chat with People on being on the cover of Maxim Magazine and how does she feel posing for sexy photo shoots.

Check some quotes from the interview below! [Thanks Yvett for the heads up!]

On what she feels whenever she’s doing a photo shoot:
When I get in front of the camera, I’m always pretty comfortable, so I never freak out. I just want to have fun. I’m just someone who is like, you’ve got to go for it.


Talking about her shooting day for Maxim Magazine:
My mom was actually there on set and she said it was great. What I like about it is it represents who I am. For me, I’m a real big beach person, and I wasn’t in lingerie like they usually do. I was in a bathing suit, so I felt like it represented me really well.

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