Interview with BuzzFeed FASHION

Interview with BuzzFeed FASHION

BuzzFeed FASHION got to interview Ashley this week, while on her promotion trip in New York City, to chat on Cracker Jack’D, her covers on Maxim and Allure magazines and… declining BFF Zac Efron’s invitation to work out together! Would you do the same? Umm, we highly doubt!


Do you work out with Zac Efron?
AT: I haven’t talked to him in so long. He’s been doing movie after movie after movie, so he’s been, like, MIA for the last couple months. But I talked to him two months ago — he texted me. But I mean, his workouts are really different compared to mine, so I would never. He’s like, “Come over to the house! Let’s work out!” And I’m like, “No.”


Is it weird for your family to see you in those kinds of photo shoots?
AT: Probably for my dad, yeah. He’s like, “That’s weird.” My mom came by the set that day. I like to step out of my comfort zone, but I definitely care what my parents think. She was actually fine — I’ve done worse that that. I’ve done an Allure photo shoot where I was naked.


Did they let you wear nude underwear or anything? Sometimes they just Photoshop panties out.
AT: There was no Photoshopping in that one. The reason why I did that was because it’s all about being comfortable in a woman’s body. I would never do that again.

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