I Can’t Believe You’re A Human Feat. Yohio

Hi Moonchildren! I’d like to introduce you to the incredible Yohio. Yohio is a Swedish singer and songwriter who’s best known for wearing lolita dresses and having an androgynous look on stage. Yohio is already a bona fide superstar, as his rise to fame has taken place in Japan. Growing up in Sundsvall, however, wasn’t easy due to being bullied and teased for his Japanese fashion trends. It can be hard in a small town because people don’t accept that you are different, he explains. I knew what I wanted to do so I didn’t care. Yohio hopes he can help open the eyes of Swedish music fans to the visual kei style. I want people to listen to my music and not to give a damn about how I look, he explains. Although Yohio may be unorthodox in nature, he is nonetheless fascinating…and definitely inspiring. 20130523023059

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