Harry Styles Bulking Up/ New Back Tattoo

Harry Styles has been hitting the gym to bulk up. Source told HEAT: ‘He’s doing extra weight training and fitness as he’s desperate to stop looking ‘boyish’ and become more manly. He’s been concentrating on weight training to bulk up and increase body strength. The other boys think he’s taking it a bit far and have been ripping it out of him for being so vain!

They work quite hard on tour and during the show anyway (and all like playing football), but Harry has admitted he’s really pleased with how his body has bulked up, telling people he has his first-ever six-pack! He thinks he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in.’

Harry is planning on getting a giant ‘Hebrew’ design tattoo on his back. Harry’s LA-based tattoo artist, Freddy Negrete told Daily Star: ‘He just can’t seem to stop tattooing at the moment. But he’s getting worried they’re all too front-heavy so it’s definitely his back we’ll be concentrating on. The whole thing could take months. Harry will probably have more Hebrew lettering. He already has his sister’s name in Hebrew on his arm and he loves it.’

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