Girl Crush – Lindsay Woods

I met Lindsay Woods in Sao Paolo after my show and like all the Brazilian people, she is made of awesome, has a big heart and amazing air of energy around her. She is also a fellow Buzzmaker and turns out, a Moon Child. Name: Kelly Basbasque aka Lindsay Woods Occupation: Blogger Hometown: São Paulo 5 words that describe me the best: impatience, candy girl , talkative, eccentric, bumbling Biggest inspiration: I’m usually inspired by different and eccentric things The first thing I ever created: Glitter shoes (I never wear them because I’m ashamed) Favorite thing in my wardrobe: A leather jacket that belonged to my mother, which was passed to me Secret beauty tip: use white pencil in the waterline of your eye to make your eyes look bigger. I never leave home without: Money! At 15 I was: A mess! At 30 I will be: A happy and a successful woman. Best advice I ever go

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