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Chicago PD Fall Finale Recap 12/6/17: Season 5 Episode 9 "Monster"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, December 6, 2017, season 5 episode 9 Fall Finale called, “Politics,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The death of a judge’s daughter puts Intelligence on the track of a pill mill spreading into the suburbs of Chicago and the doctor enabling it. Meanwhile, Voight discovers who’s been leaking information from the 21st.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) meeting with Denny Woods (Mykelti Williamson) who praises him for being good at catching bad guys, yet continues to work next to one of the worse men in Chicago. Rusek reminds him that he gave him the video of Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) crossing the line, but Woods tells him he wanted something on Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), that is actionable. Rusek refuses but Woods says he will, threatening that if he doesn’t, his sister will go to jail and his nephew will have to learn all the names of his new foster brothers; lastly, Rusek, not Voight, will be the poster boy for corrupt police. He gives him 24-hours.

Halstead wakes up to a call from Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), he lies to Camila Vega (Anabelle Acosta), who wakes up as he is getting dressed. She tries to entice him back to bed but “Ryan” assures her he will be seeing her again that night.

Hailey is at a little girls’ soccer game, talking about moving to the neighborhood and her daughter joining the team. She leans into one of the mothers named Julianne, who she has gotten close to and asks about being “hooked” with some pain meds for her back. After she feels she can trust Hailey, she asks another mother to bring her children home from the game and takes Hailey with her; she gives her the money and exits the car. Jay is inside the store where Julianne goes into the restroom after he hears some noise, he opens the door and sees that she is gone.

Jay and Hailey sit outside Julianne’s home, talking about busting her in front of her children. Hailey reminds him this isn’t small potatoes as there have been 17 overdoses in the area in the last month. Julianne’s kids run screaming from the house, saying their mom can’t breath; Jay calls for a bus saying they have an overdose. Hailey stays with the mom as Jay takes the children outside.

Once Voight arrives, they inform him that she stole the money to get her own fix before her kids got home; he tells them to dump her phone as she must have tried to reach her dealer first. Denny Woods arrives on the scene, informing him that the victim is the daughter of the Honorable Judge Wells and now he owns the case and since she is the daughter of a white judge, the opioid crisis is finally going to hit the front page of the Tribune.

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) arrives at the precinct and informs Adam that her relationship is broken, but he reminds her that she did the right thing, even though it sucks. Upstairs the Intelligence Unit (IU) is brought up to speed on Julianne Hudson (Wells) death; she had no idea she was the Judge’s daughter and only knew she was a small time dealer and were flipping her to get the bigger fish.

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) says he spoke to his CI who says this is not the Cartel, but a new player. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) shares that they dumped Julianne’s phone and the last call she made was to Vance Williams, and it was 32 seconds long; Rusek says 6 of the 17 ODs also made calls to this Vance. Voight tells Kevin and Rusek to talk to him, reminding everyone this may be new turf, but it is the same game. Before everyone leaves, he reveals that before Tommy Wells was a Judge, he was a cop and he went to the Academy together with Voight. He wants them to “do him right!”

Voight goes to see Tommy Wells, who talks about how Julianne became a drug addict, hooked on pain meds. He wishes he could offer up a name or something but the deeper Julianne got into the drugs, the further she isolated herself. He says the doctors and medical help was what did it, and called it “medicine” saying they released this monster on themselves. He cries that Julianne was his little girl and Voight informs him that he lost his son a few years ago, the pain never goes away but there is some consolation when justice is done; promising to do everything they can.

Kim goes undercover at a bar, shares a drink with the bartender, Vance, who says after what happened with the Judge’s daughter, supply is running low but he has a recreational stash. He says he will be free in 10 minutes, she smiles and grabs his arm, saying he won’t be. He calls her a “bitch” as he gets arrested. Antonio makes sure she is okay. In interrogation, Voight and Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) inform him they are happy to “go with him,” meaning he will take the full ride for the homicide charge if he doesn’t tell them who the supplier is. Vance wants a deal.

Vance Williams and his attorney (Jesse Bob Harper) meet with ADA Anna Valdez (Monica Barbaro) who want full immunity and temporary release for his cooperation. Anna looks at Voight, saying they have him with intent to distribute, selling to an undercover police officer and he wants to release him? She refuses but as she stands Judges Wells walks in the room saying the opioid addiction is killing our country and if they need to make some unsavory deals to save it, so be it. Anna gives them 24 hours and partial immunity.

Kevin and Rusek are outside when Kim and Antonio arrive, Vance’s monitor shows that he is at home, but they had received a warning about Frank Barrett. Kim and Antonio go to the back of the house and find the back door open at Vance’s house and when they go inside, they find him on the ground with a bullet wound to the head. Kim tells Kevin they found him, and it isn’t good. In the morning, Hailey tells Voight, it was a forced entry at the rear. The time of death was around 11:30, it was a single gunshot, there is a single shoe print in the dirt that is a size 11 but Vance was a size 9. Inside the house, Olinsky tells Voight it was a kill shot to the head, done at close range; Rusek agrees, saying it was professional hit as Voight tells them to check the neighborhood for surveillance.

Kevin says there is at least 20K in a shoe box on the floor, Voight puts it in his pocket as Rusek offers to do the voucher for it. Burgess comes in, saying they found something; she and Antonio show him burnt prescription bottles that were all written out by a Dr. Lewis Macy. He tells them to get the bottles and ashes over to the lab to see if they can find more names and go talk to this Dr. Macy.

Antonio and Burgess meet with Dr. Macy who says he doesn’t prescribe opioids often as that’s a “slippery slope.” He explains the bottles easily by revealing that his office was broken into about 6 months ago, stealing his computer, petty cash and prescription pads. He did report it as well as some other doctors. He denies knowing anyone named Frank Barrett and dismisses them when a patient arrives.

Kim tells the IU about Dr. Macy’s life and there is no apparent connection to Vance Williams. His alibi checks out and he did file a burglary report 6 months ago. He is also a size 9, so doesn’t match the print at the crime scene either. Kevin says there are 8 Frank Barretts in Chicago but his money is on the one who runs the bar named “Blazes;” Vance Williams used to work there and two names on the prescription bottles are associated with that bar.

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