Chaos To Couture: Inside The Met’s New Exhibit

If you live in NYC and have a penchant for fashion, you really can’t afford to miss Punk: ChaosTo Couture at The Met which has only been up for a couple of weeks. The show balances a ton of iconic early Westwood pieces with a slew of couture spanning over the last few decades featuring metal and leather detailing, rips and tears, spray paint, unconventional materials, and more. Each ensemble is set off by a spiked full head wig styled by Guido. The cothing as well as the hair styles, are enviable. The Westwood pieces from her ’70s shops Let It Rock, Sex, and Seditionaries take you through her journey as an early designer from rockabilly leathre wear, to fetish fashion, to filthy tee shirts and more. It’s amazing any of the clothing from the era survived and it’s fun to see it paired with carefully curated Galliano and Balanciagia pieces. Needless to say, I walked out of the exhibit

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