Angry Birds Movie in the Works

Sony has bought the movie rights to Angry Birds!

Yes. Movie rights. There will be an Angry Birds movie.

Now that movie studios are mining apps for ideas, we can all look forward to such thrilling summer Blockbusters as: Instagram: The Duckface of Death, Google Maps: Curse of the Undocumented Construction, and Grindr: The Casual Encounter.

Angry Birds

Today, Sony hired write Jon Vitti to pen the screenplay.

Vitti has written on such shows as Saturday Night LiveThe CriticThe Larry Sanders ShowKing of the Hill, and The Simpsons.

What do you think? Can the Angry Birds movie be any good at all? Or are apps a horrible place to draw inspiration for a movie?

Angry Birds has a premiere date set for July 1. 2016.

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