Amanda Bynes Attempts to Get Neck Tattoo For Imaginary Fiance, Thankfully is Unsuccessful

Amanda Bynes has engaged in some truly bizarre behavior recently, but last night in Hollywood, the troubled actress was thankfully spared from branding herself with a permanent reminder of her latest meltdown.

TMZ reports that Bynes showed up to The Honorable Society Tattoo parlor with plans to have a picture of Caleb Pusey inked on her neck.

Amanda Bynes Walking the Street

You may remember Pusey as the 19-year-old bait shop employee to whom Bynes claimed to be engaged. 

Pusey has stated that he and Bynes met in rehab but never had any sort of romantic relationship, so it’s probably a good thing that Bynes wasn’t able to get tatted up, as she didn’t have proper ID.

Staff say they recognized Bynes, so the request for identification was probably just a way for them to get out of tattooing a very unstable young woman without causing her to make a scene. 

Recently, Bynes claimed to be homeless and accused her parents of refusing to allow her access to her bank accounts.

It’s since been revealed that her parents have hooked her up with plenty of cash and a place to stay (though she doesn’t take advantage of the latter).

So it’s not surprising that Amanda has the funds to continue trying to change her appearance (last week, Bynes dyed her hair purple). Let’s just hope she doesn’t find her driver’s license before someone talks her out of the neck tatt.

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