Actor Mark Ruffalo wants to spread awareness about violence

Actor Mark Ruffalo wants to spread awareness about the violence faced by women and let them know that they are “not invisible”.

Ruffalo took to his Instagram account on Thursday with an image in which he features holding a placard which read “Not Invisble”.

He captioned the image with the post: “84 per cent of Native American women experience violence in their lifetime. But outside of Indian country, few people are aware of this epidemic. It’s time to raise awareness and show that these women are Not Invisible.”

The actor’s fans flooded him with posts blessing him for his stance.

“Mark Ruffalo, I am a full-blooded Native American woman. My daughter and I wanted to say thank you for bringing awareness to this plight. West and strong together, Not Invisible, American Indian,” wrote one user.

Another fan called Ruffalo “an extraordinary soul” and thanked him for all he does for humanity.

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