2013 Ashley Tisdale Birthday Project

2013 Ashley Tisdale Birthday Project

We most recently surprised her with a beautiful Planet Blue dress and wow’d her with a very original fan book on her recent birthdays, and now we’ll do it again… but differently. In occasion of our 2013 Ashley Tisdale Birthday Project, we at AshleyTisdale.org along with our amazing supporters are going to get Ashley for her 28th birthday an original fan poster sign!

We all come from different countries, we all have different ages and different aspects. But that’s what makes a fandom special! So why not collecting all of our pictures together into a big poster and send it to Ashley to wish her a special happy birthday? It’s possible… and WE’RE DOING IT!


  • Take a picture of yourself wishing Ashley a happy birthday (sending her a kiss, smiling, celebrating – just be happy!)
  • Send your picture to franciscicero@hotmail.it with subject “2013 Ashley Tisdale Birthday Project“.
  • Along with the picture, feel free to write your name, age and home country in the email and we’ll let Ashley know!


  • 2013 Ashley Tisdale Birthday Project starts today on Friday, May 17th.
  • 2013 Ashley Tisdale Birthday Project ends on Friday, June 14th.
  • Ashley will receive our fan poster sign at her house in occasion of her 28th birthday!
  • Here’s a sample of the fan poster fan sign size.


  • Pictures should be taken via camera for best quality results.
  • Pictures must NOT contain any text, artwork or painting.
  • Pictures most accepted formats are: JPEG, PNG.
  • One entry per fan.

We are extremely excited to kick off our 2013 Ashley Tisdale Birthday Project and look forward already to receiving your pictures for Ashley! For questions and doubts, just leave us a comment below. Can’t wait to see you all in our fan poster sign! Xoxo

~ Francis & Rachel ~


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