11 Dogs Who Know How to Rock a Christmas Sweater

The most wonderful time of the year is here!

Because the kids are jingle belling and everyone is telling you to be of good cheer? Sure, definitely. Why not?

But mostly because owners are now dressing their dogs in Christmas sweaters. And it’s just so gosh darn adorable!

11 Dogs Who Look Like a Boss in Their Christmas Sweaters
Merry Cute Christmas!

1. Merry Cute Christmas!
This is the best Christmas gift you’ll receive this year. You’re welcome!

Over the past few days, we’ve documented especially cute instances of a pug taking a bath and a French bulldog singing Josh Groban – but the photo gallery above makes it clear that all breeds can look like a boss while rocking this festive attire.

Says Veterinarian Marty Becker:

“When it comes to cold-weather clothing for dogs, I recommend that owners of three kinds of canine consider sweaters or other clothing: small dogs, dogs who are elderly or ill, and greyhounds, whippets or dogs with similar body types that carry very little fat, especially if they have short hair.”

That’s fine and all, Dr. Becker.

But the proper answer is that ALL dogs should wear sweaters for Christmas. That much is evident, don’t you think?

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